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Episode: 8:  The deal with jay

Jay was well-dressed and polite at trial. One of the jurors said, “he seemed like someone you’d go to if you were in trouble”. The jury and the judge both liked him.

His friends had mixed feelings about Jay. Some said he was mean and unkind, but others said he was being goofy and was not serious.

Cathy said he lied a lot, but I think that everyone lies sometimes.

Chris said that Jay told him he saw the body in the trunk outside the pool hall, which is the third different place.

When Koenig went to see Jay, he was calm, and still said that Adnan killed Hae.  Koenig said he sounded like he was telling the truth.

Is it possible to know a person’s true character? Some of Jays friends said he was capable of murder and some said he wasn’t. I think everyone could be a murderer. Some people change their personality when they’re with different people.  I’m not sure about Jay.


Episode 9: To Be Suspected

The prosecution timeline : This doesn’t make any sense as Laura tells Koenig that she is positive there weren’t any pay phones at Best Buy when Hae was killed.  Summer says she spoke to Hae after school, before she left, for at least 10 minutes, and two other students saw her at school then too. It makes me wonder why they didn’t figure that out earlier as it’s one of the key points.  Now I don’t think that Adnan did the murder, but the jury was told the prosecution’s timeline which did make sense at the time.

Body found: When Koenig interviewed a friend of Adnan’s, she said that when they found out that Hae had been murdered, Adnan was pretty upset, and I don’t think someone that sad and depressed could have killed her.

Police interview: When the police came to Adnan’s house and questioned him, he had no idea that they thought he’s done the murder.  I think that’s because he was 17 years old, he didn’t realize that he would be seen as a suspect just because he was the ex-boyfriend.  I think any teenager wouldn’t realize that either.

Trial:  At the trial, Adnan was told he should not testify even though he wanted to, so the jury didn’t get to hear his side of the story.  The jury heard Jay’s story and that was made to match up with the prosecution’s timeline.   The jury was only given one side of the story.  This seems unfair.


Episode: 10  the best Defense is a good Defense

Bail hearing: I think there was discrimination in the bail hearing, because the prosecution lied about other similar cases, and that Adnan should have been granted bail.

Adnan’s trial lawyer Kristina: she was supposed to be really good and she cost a lot of money.  I think she did a good job at the first trial, and Adnan liked her, but at the second trial she slowly started getting untrustworthy.  She was late for things and seemed not on top of the job. When she got sick it wasn’t fair to Adnan for her to continue.  She was even sued at the end of Adnan’s and another teenager’s trial for doing a bad job.  Jury: The jury liked Jay.  He was given a free lawyer, which probably helped him feel confident.  Adnan thought Kristina should have contacted Aisha about the library alibi, which the jury didn’t get to hear about.

This seems unfair as it’s hard for a jury to make a decision if they don’t know everything.  In this way, lawyers and judges often have a way of making the story go one way.


Serial Podcast Blog #2

Episode 5 – Route Talk

Killing timeline:

Adnan would have to have practiced the killing beforehand to get it done in time as the timeline was so tight.  Also, Hae was athletic and strong, so it would have taken longer.  It was possible, which is the problem, so I’m not sure. Also, there is no record of a payphone at Best Buy at that time.

Park and ride

Jay said they both drove to the Park and Ride.  I think it’s fishy that Adnan would have opened the trunk of Hae’s car at the Park and Ride to take things out if Hae’s body was in there.

Jays Route:

After buying weed, Jay says that they went to Patapsco Park to smoke it.  This was not included at trial in Jay’s story.  I think it would be weird that they would smoke so far away and then be late for Adnan’s practice.  I’m not sure why it was missed out at trial, but I don’t think you could forget something like that.

The prosecution lied in a sense by not showing that most of the calls they tested didn’t ping off the right cell towers.  By only showing the 4 that did, it gave the impression that they all did.  This gave the jury the wrong impression.

The 2 calls after 7:00 to the Leakin Park tower are troubling, but I’m not sure at this time what that means as they could have been at someone’s house nearby, so it’s kind of tricky.


Episode 6 – The Case Against Adnan Sayed

Map book palm print:  page ripped out that covered Leakin Park but no prints on that: I think it isn’t significant as he probably just moved the book.

Adnan’s poor memory of the day Hae went missing even though he got police phone call:  I think that some people just honestly forget.

Adnan’s lack of concern when Hae went missing: They dated for a while so you think he would care, but then they had broken up.

The note from Hae that Aisha and Adnan were writing on that said ‘I’m going to kill’ on top.  Aisha said it wasn’t there before:  I think he wrote that on because it was at his house.  It could have been a joke, or it could have been serious.

The neighbor boy who saw the dead body in trunk and said Adnan’s name:  I think that doesn’t make sense as Adnan had already been charged.

Kathy’s House phone call – Adnan acting weird.  People act weird when they’re stoned, and Adnan was stoned.

Leakin Park calls:  Jay not given phone right away when Jen called – he was busy:  That sounds strange but when Jen picked them up their clothes weren’t dirty.

Nisha Call at 3:32 p.m.  I don’t know about this one.  It doesn’t make sense if Jay didn’t have his phone.

Good and Evil

Adnan says a non-evil person wouldn’t be able to commit murder unless his life was threatened.  I don’t think this is true for Adnan.


Serial Podcast Blog #1

Serial Podcast my opinion

I have listened to Serial’s podcast on the investigation and murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed.  The podcast is made by Sarah Koenig.

Episode 1 – The Alibi

Jay’s testimony:  His  friend Jay testified that Adnan said that he was going to kill Hae and that he did kill her. I’m not sure whether Jay was telling the truth or not, but it sounded real.  If it is true, then Adnan is different from what the community thinks.  His other friends said he was a nice and relaxed person and wouldn’t kill anybody.  Nobody could really remember a lot about that day. I thought it was very confusing and messy as both versions could be right.

Adnan’s prison conversation:  Koenig includes the prison phone conversations in the podcast and Adnan comes across as being a nice person and doesn’t seem like he would hurt anybody. He doesn’t remember the day very well, but them a lot of his friends don’t either, which makes him seem innocent, unless he’s blocked the memory because he’s guilty.

It is hard to judge someone’s personality if you don’t know them very well. Even if you know them, people can be different with different people.  Also, they change a lot from high-school and feel differently about thing as they get older, or after a traumatic incident . Koenig doesn’t think he did the murder as there is no real evidence, Jay could be lying, and Adnan seems so nice.

Episode 2  – The Break-up

The breakup:  There are 2 different versions of the break-up.  Jay said that Adnan was jealous and upset about the break-up.  His other friend Saad said that Adnan was just sad but moved on and dated other girls afterwards.  He called him a “player” but also included himself, so that might be exaggerated.

Aisha’s Alibi:  When Aisha was found,  her version of the day where she saw Adnan in the library seemed like the truth, which would mean that Adnan was innocent.

Homecoming Dance:  There were two versions of Adnan’s reaction to his parent’s showing up at the dance. Jay said he was embarrassed and humiliated.  His friend Saad said Adnan thought it was funny.  I think he might have been very embarrassed and upset but was able to recover and laugh about it afterwards with his friend.

Hae’s diary:  This was included in the podcast.  Her perspective made the relationship easier to figure out.  I think her version of their relationship was an accurate one and that she was aware of Adnan good feelings towards her too.


Episode 3 – Leakin Park

Liquor bottle:  When they interviewed Mr. S. he said ‘yes’ to a lot of types of liquor he drinks but said ‘no’ to brandy.  I’m not sure if I believe him as he drinks so any other things.

Finding the body: It was weird how Mr. S. found the body.  It didn’t seem believable.  No one else saw the body. How did Mr.S find the body when all there was, was some hair sticking out of the ground?

Mr. S:  He seemed too relaxed while being questioned, and his story was weird.  His half-brother thought he might have been going to streak in the park, but if he was on his way to work, how did he have time to streak in the park?  His story is fishy.

Conclusion:  I still have no clue whether Adnan murdered Hae.  It’s confusing.