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Episode 5 – Route Talk

Killing timeline:

Adnan would have to have practiced the killing beforehand to get it done in time as the timeline was so tight.  Also, Hae was athletic and strong, so it would have taken longer.  It was possible, which is the problem, so I’m not sure. Also, there is no record of a payphone at Best Buy at that time.

Park and ride

Jay said they both drove to the Park and Ride.  I think it’s fishy that Adnan would have opened the trunk of Hae’s car at the Park and Ride to take things out if Hae’s body was in there.

Jays Route:

After buying weed, Jay says that they went to Patapsco Park to smoke it.  This was not included at trial in Jay’s story.  I think it would be weird that they would smoke so far away and then be late for Adnan’s practice.  I’m not sure why it was missed out at trial, but I don’t think you could forget something like that.

The prosecution lied in a sense by not showing that most of the calls they tested didn’t ping off the right cell towers.  By only showing the 4 that did, it gave the impression that they all did.  This gave the jury the wrong impression.

The 2 calls after 7:00 to the Leakin Park tower are troubling, but I’m not sure at this time what that means as they could have been at someone’s house nearby, so it’s kind of tricky.


Episode 6 – The Case Against Adnan Sayed

Map book palm print:  page ripped out that covered Leakin Park but no prints on that: I think it isn’t significant as he probably just moved the book.

Adnan’s poor memory of the day Hae went missing even though he got police phone call:  I think that some people just honestly forget.

Adnan’s lack of concern when Hae went missing: They dated for a while so you think he would care, but then they had broken up.

The note from Hae that Aisha and Adnan were writing on that said ‘I’m going to kill’ on top.  Aisha said it wasn’t there before:  I think he wrote that on because it was at his house.  It could have been a joke, or it could have been serious.

The neighbor boy who saw the dead body in trunk and said Adnan’s name:  I think that doesn’t make sense as Adnan had already been charged.

Kathy’s House phone call – Adnan acting weird.  People act weird when they’re stoned, and Adnan was stoned.

Leakin Park calls:  Jay not given phone right away when Jen called – he was busy:  That sounds strange but when Jen picked them up their clothes weren’t dirty.

Nisha Call at 3:32 p.m.  I don’t know about this one.  It doesn’t make sense if Jay didn’t have his phone.

Good and Evil

Adnan says a non-evil person wouldn’t be able to commit murder unless his life was threatened.  I don’t think this is true for Adnan.


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