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Serial Podcast my opinion

I have listened to Serial’s podcast on the investigation and murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed.  The podcast is made by Sarah Koenig.

Episode 1 – The Alibi

Jay’s testimony:  His  friend Jay testified that Adnan said that he was going to kill Hae and that he did kill her. I’m not sure whether Jay was telling the truth or not, but it sounded real.  If it is true, then Adnan is different from what the community thinks.  His other friends said he was a nice and relaxed person and wouldn’t kill anybody.  Nobody could really remember a lot about that day. I thought it was very confusing and messy as both versions could be right.

Adnan’s prison conversation:  Koenig includes the prison phone conversations in the podcast and Adnan comes across as being a nice person and doesn’t seem like he would hurt anybody. He doesn’t remember the day very well, but them a lot of his friends don’t either, which makes him seem innocent, unless he’s blocked the memory because he’s guilty.

It is hard to judge someone’s personality if you don’t know them very well. Even if you know them, people can be different with different people.  Also, they change a lot from high-school and feel differently about thing as they get older, or after a traumatic incident . Koenig doesn’t think he did the murder as there is no real evidence, Jay could be lying, and Adnan seems so nice.

Episode 2  – The Break-up

The breakup:  There are 2 different versions of the break-up.  Jay said that Adnan was jealous and upset about the break-up.  His other friend Saad said that Adnan was just sad but moved on and dated other girls afterwards.  He called him a “player” but also included himself, so that might be exaggerated.

Aisha’s Alibi:  When Aisha was found,  her version of the day where she saw Adnan in the library seemed like the truth, which would mean that Adnan was innocent.

Homecoming Dance:  There were two versions of Adnan’s reaction to his parent’s showing up at the dance. Jay said he was embarrassed and humiliated.  His friend Saad said Adnan thought it was funny.  I think he might have been very embarrassed and upset but was able to recover and laugh about it afterwards with his friend.

Hae’s diary:  This was included in the podcast.  Her perspective made the relationship easier to figure out.  I think her version of their relationship was an accurate one and that she was aware of Adnan good feelings towards her too.


Episode 3 – Leakin Park

Liquor bottle:  When they interviewed Mr. S. he said ‘yes’ to a lot of types of liquor he drinks but said ‘no’ to brandy.  I’m not sure if I believe him as he drinks so any other things.

Finding the body: It was weird how Mr. S. found the body.  It didn’t seem believable.  No one else saw the body. How did Mr.S find the body when all there was, was some hair sticking out of the ground?

Mr. S:  He seemed too relaxed while being questioned, and his story was weird.  His half-brother thought he might have been going to streak in the park, but if he was on his way to work, how did he have time to streak in the park?  His story is fishy.

Conclusion:  I still have no clue whether Adnan murdered Hae.  It’s confusing.

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