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About Stefan

I recently graduated from the French immersion program at  Maillard Middle School.I love doing outdoor sports and activities. My favorite sport is soccer. I play high performance Soccer for Coquitlam Metro Ford Club. In 2017 I won the BC Provincials with my soccer team. In the past few years I did competitive swimming with Coquitlam Sharks. In the wintertime I like doing snowboarding and skiing.

I do a lot of camping with my family and friends.




We dont want to tell our dreams we want to show them

–  Cristiano Ronaldo

This quote really inspired me because it’s really inspiring and the cool part is that its true and being you is the most important thing you need to have.

I really like this video because I want to be able to snowboard like them and learn new tricks. I also thought maybe I could win a competition when I am older and learn those cool tricks. I also look up to my brother because he is like a pro at snowboarding. I always thought that he could be one of the worlds best when I was little but now I realized that I can do those tricks too if I was good enough.

I chose this picture because one day I want to be a professional soccer player and play on that soccer stadium  Estadio Santiago Bernabeau. It has always been a dream of mine to be in one of the top teams. I want to see the crowd cheering and supporters shouting. Maybe even someday I mght be able to win trophies.


I chose this link because like watching sports and they help me a lot with health. Although waching sports helps me with my IQ in the future because I learn new things in sports.







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    1. Hi Mr. Raabe I seem to be having difficulties with my core competencies self assessment is there any way I can get help for this problem.

      Thank you,

      1. Hi Stefan,
        Good job on your Digital Footprint assignment! Your project clearly demonstrates your understanding of your digital footprint. Content is clear and well explained. Next time maybe try using a new app to create your presentation. Please come to the tech center to see how to embed your powerpoint into your blog. Please come to the Tech Center and I can help you with the core competencies assessment.

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