nce your Comic is complete, you will compose a formal explanatory paragraph to

1)outline the specifics of YOUR 74th Annual _______ Games and

2) detail how your comic provides a successful alternate visual and textual narrative of YOUR Game

I present a game called The Paint Race. The game will be presented based on the successful way how Peeta and Katniss win the game. Peeta and Katniss are introduced to the 74th annual of the Paint Race by Haymitch and Effie Trinklet. Haymitch leads them to meeting their new costumes. The designer of the costume is made by a man named Cinna. There will be six teams that battle for survival. Last team to present without being hit by a paint ball will be crowned as champions. The competitors are Peeta and Katniss in black and red/yellow, Foxface in red, District one boy in blue/red, Cato and Clove in green, and Thresh and Rue in purple.

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