The Power Saver

The purpose of my device is to prevent anymore energy draining through electricity. My device works so that when a computer has reached its maximum charge the microbit will notify us with a buzzer saying the computer is ready.  If it were to calculate around the globe the amount of energy usage people use on a daily basic, we could potentially save enough energy with this device so that we could save approximately 3 extra years worth of energy usage using this programing. The biggest problem is that maybe not even 50% of the global population would bother using this technique. I chose this idea because of the amount ranking in our world population of power has been drained too much, and it would be time we start saving the waste.

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My partners and I have planned out very well and communicated on how we will demonstrate and work together to work the microbit. In the end we did very well and was able to present in a well and organized way.

I played a big part in the role. I was able to develop ideas brainstorming and found a solution how to work the microbit. My partners and I were able to pick up on how to save energy around the world to develop.

I think that this assignment has helped me develope and work well around all areas. I was able to use some creativity and provide it in my presentation to the class. Learning the microbit coding helped me have confident in front of the class because, I knew how it worked.

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  1. Thank you for your 1st post. However, I noticed that your 2nd and 3rd posts are missing and therefore you have only completed a third of the project. Please come see me in the tech center.

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