Art is one of my biggest passions, including drawing. I’ve always had a talent for drawing and the arts have interested me my entire life. The article I read explained the different techniques of drawing that are used by professional artists. The first paragraph describes the importance of freehand drawing. Freehand drawing is essential for all types of art, each time I begin a new project, a create a light sketch or draft of my plans, I’d say it’s a necessary step.  Often, the free-handed sketch may look terrible but one thing I’ve learned from years of experience is that we have to trust the process because usually, the result is worth it.

The type of drawing we choose to create depends on our techniques. All pieces of art are different, although many techniques are commonly shared. There’s realism, cartoons, romanticism, impressionism, abstract and more. But the first step when designing a drawing is to think of the basics. Colour, shapes, structural lines, shadows and highlights all contribute to the big picture. And then we can move on with adding details, the best part. It’s the stage where we can include our own unique style. Material choices are equally as important, whether its chalk, pencils, crayons, pen, paint or charcoal- it adds to the product. And many of us that are drawn to art, are talented to begin with. However it’s helpful to know the classical ways of art. To understand how art works, shading, proper techniques and perspective practice, can only help in improving our skills.

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