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this is my favorite quote by H.M Tomlinson because  its talking about your perspective and if you have a negative perspective of the world it will feel like everything is going against you. which is why you should always keep a positive attitude and to always look on the bright side of things.

this is my favorite YouTube video because its of my last swimming provincials. I have been swimming for 7 years and this year is sadly my last because of soccer and lacrosse. swimming has taught me many things like how to self discipline and that waking up early gives you lots more time to do thing throughout the day. swimming is also were I met some of my best friends and some amazing coaches.

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this is my favorite picture because I moved up to BCSPL for soccer and I will be leaving my favorite team which I’ve been playing for for 5 years. some of my best friends are on this team and my coach always found a way to make practices fun. a year ago I won provincials with this team and this year we came 3rd.


this is my favorite website because when I was in elementary school I would always play fun games and I even played some with friends.



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  1. I have noticed that you haven’t edited your “About Me” page yet. Please have a look at the assignment page and follow the directions. You need a video, a quote, an image, and a link to your favourite website, as well as explanations for why these are meaningful to you. Please email me (wchoi@sd43.bc.ca) once you have made these changes so that I can reassess your page. Thanks!

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