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Hey, My name Ryan. I dont really know what to say about myself so I'm just gonna leave this alone

Micro bit project #1

me and my partner have added the moisture component as we think that coding the amount of time that the light is set to stay on for will take a bit longer, normally the light would be kept on for thirty minutes to an hour except who wants to constantly turn off and on LED lights for something that will turn off, some people would. To have the light turn off automatically and on is probably easier to code than the actual timer itself.

Now talking about the Moisture sensor… It is meant to test the humidity of the room or test the Moisture level of the soil for maximum GROWTH.

After testing the moisture level with the humidity of the room (which might be two different things) we found it to be inaccurate therefore focusing on max growth of a plant.

If you think about it, this would also be great if you have pets who need warm moisturized soil, or warmth in general is. Salamanders, frogs and toads. Maybe we could code in a fan attachment.