English 9 Video

English 9 Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian video.

The scene we chose from the book, The Absolutely True Diary Of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, was  the scene where Arnold comes home and finds his mom sobbing. later we find out that Arnold’s sister, mary, got married to a nomadic poker player from montana.

Arnold – Ashly

Arnold’s mom – Rebecca

Mary – Jacqueline

Husband/Narrator – Alyanna

16 thoughts on “English 9 Video

  1. The video has very good audio quality and had very good expression in your voices. One problem I found was that the voices weren’t synced with the video so that was a little bit annoying. But overall, I think that the video was decent. Great job!


  2. It was engaging and humorous. Audio was quiet at the beginning but got better, video quality was good throughout.

  3. The audio is this video is good, I could hear and understand the whole time. The video quality was decent. The video was entertaining and informative gives a good visual of the scene. A keep up would be the good audio and the it was very entertaining. A grow on would be a bit better video quality it was a bit blurry.

  4. This video is engaging and informative. The video and the sound quality throughout the video were okay. A keep up is the video quality since its clear. A work on is the sound to make it more stable.

  5. I really like how you guys re-enacted the voice over parts! The video and audio quality was also very good. The voice and the actual mouth movements were a little off. If it is in your power, make sure to check that next time.
    Good Job!

  6. Video isn’t necessarily synched with the voices but good job memorizing your lines. I found this funny and I enjoyed watching it! While you may need to fix audio/video quality, keep up the good work. 10/10

  7. Good video and acting. The video and audio quality is good but the audio isn’t in complete sync with the video.

  8. great video quality, nice use of editing. good audio quality but sometimes the audio doesn’t properly sync to the video

  9. Audio was good. Visuals were creative because of the cut scenes. It was engaging because of the individuality. Good job acting!

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