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My SS Cross Country Trip


this was the first ever presentation I did in social study. I love traveling and this project was about exploring Canada, I thought it was very cool and I’m very proud of it.

Think before you Comment


Thanks for supporting my blog, though I’ve notice some very hurtful comments. That’s why I’m making this post about some guidelines to help with your comments.


  • Comment should be longer than just 5 words. Sometimes just a couple encouraging words is enough to lighten someone’s mood or change their perspective on something. For example, someone can write or post about a drawing they did but they aren’t so proud of it, comments like, “This is so cool, I love the colors “or “You have a great talent” can make them feel better above what they’ve created.


  • Ask questions. If you aren’t sure about something I’ve said or a part you’re not so certain, don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I love to help my readers as much as possible.


  • Be nice, treat others the way you want to be treated. Just because you don’t like something I’ve posted or disagree with me doesn’t mean you comment about. Yes, you can have your own opinion but sometimes those options would be better to keep to yourself.


  • Don’t be off topic. If I posted something to do with skateboard (for example), and you commented how much you like my photography skill because of one of my old post. That can be very confusing for some readers or even me. I would appreciate it but it’ll probably take me a second to realize what you’re talking about.


An example of a comment I would really appreciate is ;

” Wow Olivia, I love . . . Great job!”

Hello world!


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