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This is Olivia’s first ever blog, I’m a shy but bubbly student who’s also a musician and secretly a photographer. I like to paint but I’m not that professional. Since I’m the oldest in my neighborhood, I feel like I need to be more responsible and cautious of the little ones, throughout the years of knowing more about the little kids, I discovered my liking of taking care of children.


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If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”- Milton Berle. I really like this quote because it made me realize that sitting and waiting for an opportunity to be served on a silver plate would bring you no good. The only thing that you would derive out of it would be a huge waste of your time and abilities. Rather stop whining over the absence of that much-awaited chance and take matters into your hand. It reminds me that luck doesn’t make us rather we make our own luck.


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My favourite youtube clip is probably :

This song’s from one of my favourite show, “Julie and The Phantoms,” it’s about 3 guys from a band come back 25 years later as ghosts in Julie’s life. The only person that can see them is Julie, or if they perform/sing with Julie.

This song is about one of the guy, Luke—he didn’t leave in good terms with his parents—wrote a song for his mom, Emily, saying that he have always loved her, he never got to publish that song ’cause of his death.

This song makes me think of all the times when I could’ve said something, now I’ve missed my chance. This song also makes me miss my family back in Taiwan, where I was born, and how I did get to say goodbye to all of them—I have a big family.


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 ^Roller coaster pictures are my favorite picture because it makes me think of how life isn’t always a calm and easy ride, there’s always going to be ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll get stuck, you can choose to figure out how to untangle yourself or ask someone for help.


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Pinterest is my favourite website because it’s like a gallery of inspirations. Bunch of people post the most random but the most beautiful things and i like to just scroll through like a drawing or painting that I would want to try.


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