All About ME

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O W E N   M O R R I S

My name is Owen, I like to basketball and I am a pro at Fortnite if you on epic my name is Not Wave, I went to Pitt River for Middle School, I was born on July 23 2004, I’ve been playing Fortnite sense Season 1 and I’m a god, I use play for tri-city but that team was really bad so I quit. now I just like playing street ball. Im a pretty Friendly guy and I always like to make people laugh.


                                                                                                          Favourite Quote

“I am not lazy, I am on energy saving mode.”

Favourite Youtube Video

This is lil mosey, this is my Favourite video and my favourite song I really like this video and his music because he’s young and he’s a decent rapper he’s not my favourite rapper but by far he’s to me pretty good, I like this video because it was made by Lyrical Lemonade and all his Music Videos he makes are Perfection.

Favourite Picture


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This is Vancouver, I like this picture because it was taken on my favourite month of the year, I like this picture because of its detail and because of its architect it just looks very nice in general.

My Not so Favourite Picture

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I dont like this picture because of its hot environment and its arid climate.



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