iam proud of

something that i am proud of is that i learned a lot this year and made a lot of new friends i,m proud of is coming to this school at first i did’t know that many people hear. i came to charlesbest because i heard that it was a good and chill school and everyone wants to get in so thats what im proud of

part#2: Dream / Design

I think that they could improve the NHL draft better by making it far from evening out the teams instead of one team having the best goal scorers and the best deference and a other team with not that good of goal scorers and deference. so i think that they should be able to take players off a team the wins the cup almost every year and put some of them spreed ed around the NHL teams.

So we can start changing the rules from the NHL so its far for all of the teams

we can change it by, The next NHL draft that there is we would take some of the good players from the good teams and put them on the teams that never get close from going in to the playoffs.

part#1: Define / Discover

I don’t like that the NHL draft is not far because it is random of getting a good new hockey player or that who ever teem is last they would always get the best player. so i think that they should even the teems out better so its far.

The NHL does there draft like that because they think its far that the last team gets the best players but it usually gets kinda rigged. The teams pick in the same order each round , with each team getting one pic per round. the basic order of the picks is determine as follows. The teams that did not qualify for the playoffs to the previous season (picks 1-5) will not get that good of players. for the season or nothing.