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Meaningful quote:

“If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce.” -Gucci Mane

This quote impacted me because it is relatable, i’m lost since i don’t have the sauce.

My favorite YouTube clip:

The reason i chose this clip is because because it taught me never to laugh at anyone on how they look because their skill could out-do mine.

A picture that has impacted me:

Image titled Eat a Bowl of Cereal Step 8

This image from WikiHow taught me how to eat a bowl of cereal in only 14 steps.

A website that is meaningful to me:

This site is very meaningful to myself and many others because it is the embodiment of what humans and all other species need to survive on the very gruesome and unforgivable planet.




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  1. Hi Nicholas, Now that you have had a chance to reflect on the importance of a positive digital footprint, please edit your About Me page to show a professional educational footprint. Once you have completed your page please come to the tech center to show me. Thank-you

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