Engineering Design Process

Have you ever gone through the day, unaware of your water intake? Do you get the thought in your head that you did not drink any water or not enough? Well, here is a new innovation for you!

My partner and I decided it would be a great idea if we created something that would benefit people’s health. We started thinking about something that affects numerous people that they might even be unconscious about. Then, the idea came to us. Most people, including us,  do not drink enough water. We focus more on our eating or exercising maybe, but we underestimate the importance of water. Now, how do we solve this problem? By coding a micro bit, we can program a portable light to turn on at certain times of the day to remind us that we need to drink water. But there is a problem… How do you know the light is turning on if you cannot see it? Putting it in a pocket or in a backpack or bag is not going to be effective. How can we find a solution? We can make it convenient by turning it into a bracelet! Micro bits are compact and can easily fit on most wrists. With a stretchy string, we can make a simple, yet useful bracelet to help remind us when we need to drink water!


  • LED
  • Stretchy string
  • Micro bit
  • Computer to code the micro bit


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