My digital footprint

my name is Myles

1. One way that my digital foot print might affect my future is if I apply to college and get accepted and they go and search my footprint there is a chance they see something bad so that they would remove me from the college.

another way is if I’m working at a job or apply for one and they look at my footprint of me doing somthing bad to the work or somthing bad outside of work or a post I posted  I could get fired.

2. A way I can keep my digital footprint safe is by using a site that doesn’t track ur searches.

a second way is be safe and don’t search up things that are bad in general or post things that are gonna affect u.

a third way is don’t let a friend steal ur phone or computer and search somthing bad for a laugh.

3. Somthing I would tell other students is be safe on the internet it’s not worth loosing a scholarship or a good paying job over somthing dumb u searched up or posted on social media.


all about me

my name in myles

my favorite quite is “u miss 100% of the shots u dont take”

this is my favorite youtube clip because i like watching pewdiepie play mincraft




Paul Rabil of Atlas LC

this photo impacts me because it is my favorite lacrosse player

my favorite website is because i can watch videos all day