My employability skills reflection


Problem solving & critical thinking : I problem solved by fixing the web when it was tied together in the first activity. My classmates around me did not know how to untie the web so i tried to help.

Flexibility & adaptability: i showed flexibility & adaptability by changing places with my classmates because they were not paying attention and they forgot others names and hobbies so i changed my spot with them and i went before them so that they could remember others names and hobbies.


I would like to work on time management . this skill was not in my control in the activities. But i sometimes lack with attending class on time which i have been improving on and i am hoping to master by getting to where i need to go at least 10 minutes early no matter what. I used to take the bus to school at 8:13 because i believed the ride shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes which always made me late to class 3-4 minutes late to first block . Lately i have been taking the bus at 7:40 and it seems to work perfectly with me and doing this grants me at least 20 minutes to prepare for first block.

Another example :

Between blocks i sometimes speak to my friends for longer than i want and i forget about getting to class right away and therefore i get to class late. I am going to improve on this by telling my friends ”Hey i have to get to class because it is important for me to be on time can we just continue this conversation at lunch/after school”.

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