My heritage recipe

Family Food Traditions: Our Class Cookbook

Resurrection Tombs




This recipe started when my grandmother discovered a variation of this recipe at a church organization. She thought it might be a fun dessert that was easy and that the whole family could make. We make the resurrection tombs every Friday before Easter (Good Friday.)  The dessert represents the tomb Jesus was put into after he died on the cross. Then you make the treat the marshmallow represents Jesus. After you bake it, the marshmallow disappears, representing Jesus resurrecting. We make this dish always before Easter as a family. I was taught how to make it at around the age of four. The reason it is so important to my family is that anyone can make it because it is so easy, and it is always really fun to make. Then, on Easter Sunday, we enjoy the rolls for our Easter brunch. Our whole family comes together after church. It is normally served with other breakfast foods like eggs, cheese, bread, and bacon. In the original recipe, you can make your own dough, but we like to buy frozen dough since it takes a lot less time. Our recipe might be seen as very simple, but that is part of the reason that it is a tradition. The easiness of the recipe is part of the reason I chose this recipe. It is a dish that to have been able to make for so long and it is something I will be able to pass down and show to my kids at a young age. I chose this recipe because it is a tradition related to my religion and has a big impact on my family.






Serving size: 16 rolls



  • 16 Large Marshmallows
  • ½ cup Melted Butter
  • 2 tbsp Cinnamon
  • ¼ cup of Brown sugar
  • Crescent Roll or dinner rolls





  1. Preheat oven to 350 ˚ Fahrenheit


  1. Mix brown sugar and cinnamon into a small bowl.



  1. Follow the directions of the dough package, then separate and roll out each roll



  1. Spread butter onto the dough, then sprinkle on the sugar and cinnamon mix.



  1. Place marshmallow into the dough, then fold over the dough and pinch and seal each roll.



  1. Put rolls on a lined baking sheet, then spread on butter and sugar mix on top.



  1. Place rolls in the oven for about 12 minutes.


  1. Serve warm and enjoy.

Career Advisory- Employability skills

  1. Review the employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

A skill I already have is work ethic. I used responsibility and accountability by filling out the form and handing it in on time. I used my skills of problem solving and critical thinking when we had to undo the yarn and untangle it. I used my enthusiasm and attitude by staying positive even when it got harder to remember. I used flexibility and adaptability to go under or over the yarn and adapt to wherever i ended up. I used teamwork and working in diverse environments to comprehend what others are saying and to help others remember what others had said


2. Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice them so that you are employable in the future.

A skill I would like to work on is time management. Sometimes it’s hard for me to plan out how long it’s going to take me to complete a task. To practice this, I will work on making sure I always get homework done on time and I am never late. Another skill I will work on is professionalism. I will practice this by staying professional in serious situations and at school. I will also work on ability to accept and integrate criticism and feedback. I will practice this by fixing mistakes when they are called out for example feedback from my writing and work at school.

Relection on Media Fluency

  1. The underlying message in the video is to show knowledge of plot, character and conflict. In this part the underlying message is that the racism in the school is ending and the students are looking at Arnold as more of a smart athletic boy and not just a poor boy from the reservation.
  2. The emotion that is meant to be caused is for Arnold to feel accepted and for the teacher to realize what she did wrong and she shouldn’t have made any comments. The action is that people were going to be more accepting towards Arnold and stand up for his more. The outcome that this message was supposed to cause was that Arnold realized that more people were accepting of his and some will always stay racist and discriminating.
  3. The bias and opinion of the message is that people look at Arnold differently because they already know where he comes from and that he’s an Indian boy from the reservation. The students and teachers at Reardan automatically think of him as less because of his race.
  4. The video is effective for giving a visual representation of what happened in the video. It also is more descriptive, and you can see all the kids walking out.
  5. The video is ineffective for showing really what the characters look like since almost all the actors are girls for boy characters.
  6. This project should only be a video form because it is a visual of the book, and you could also put it on YouTube so anyone can see it easily.



English Video: Part time Indian . Ms Turpin.


Brief Description: In our video it shows when Arnold was going through a hard time and was walking into class after missing a lot of school. His teacher made some rude comments, and then his whole class stood up for him. It was one of the fist times he finally felt accepted in the school. All his friends walked out.

Science blog post #2

Tuesday: Today is the first day we got the project. We focused most of today on brainstorming and thinking of creative ways to make our house unique. We also started making our phet diagrams and worked on our house layout. Lastly, we also devided all ofour work, so we would complete everything evenely.


Wednesday: Today we brought in all our supplises to start working. Sadly, we forgot batteries so we focused today on constructing our house. it went pretty well, and we pretty much had everything done. we also made some circuits, but just did’t plug in the battery so we didn’t know if they worked or not. One trial and error we had, was we wanted our house to be upright, but it wasn’t very stable, so we put it on it’s side.




Thursday: Today we got a lot done. We worked on circuits, and making them which i personally found a challenge. Other then that, we also worked on the finishing touches of our house. 

Friday: Today we mainly worked on mesasuring the circuits we had already finished. We ran out of time to finish some of our circuits.

Friday night: I brought home some supplies to make the parallel circuit we haven’t finished. It was very challenging. Everytime, in would become a series, or one of the wire acted as a switch! I ended up not being able to complete it!

Monday: Faith and I figured out how to properely complete our circuit. We then poked holes so we could stick the lights through so our house would look nicer and there owuld be less wires everywhere.

Science post #1

For my Circuit House Project, my group and I (made up of myself, Michelle and Justice), decided to make a wall of lights to go on the bedroom wall. The original design we had planned of three lights on the top, two in the middle and one on the bottom did not light up and set on fire in the Phet, so I decided to change the design to three bulbs on the top and two on the middle and bottom. I also added two 9V batteries instead of one, which made the circuit light up very brightly as it helped add more voltage to the circuit, which was good. I chose this parallel to go in the bedroom because bedrooms have a lot of light since they are such focal points in houses, and parallels’ tend to be brighter. I also see this type of design on a lot of home renovation shows and they always put a wall of light in the bedroom, so I though it would fit best i the bedroom. The power of this circuit is -25.2P. (V= -6 I= 4.20)

Phet diagram.

We decided to put a parallel circuit in the bathroom because bathrooms need a lot of light. Bathrooms need a lot of light because no body wants to poop in the dark and the bathroom is where people get ready, put makeup on and shower, all activities that require proper lighting.



We chose to put a series in the kitchen because kitchens don’t need a lot of light, because you don’t really do much in a kitchen.

We decided to put a parallel circuit in the living room because all that people really do in living rooms is watch television and sit on the couch, both activities that don’t require a lot of light.