Career Advisory- Employability skills

  1. Review the employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

A skill I already have is work ethic. I used responsibility and accountability by filling out the form and handing it in on time. I used my skills of problem solving and critical thinking when we had to undo the yarn and untangle it. I used my enthusiasm and attitude by staying positive even when it got harder to remember. I used flexibility and adaptability to go under or over the yarn and adapt to wherever i ended up. I used teamwork and working in diverse environments to comprehend what others are saying and to help others remember what others had said


2. Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice them so that you are employable in the future.

A skill I would like to work on is time management. Sometimes it’s hard for me to plan out how long it’s going to take me to complete a task. To practice this, I will work on making sure I always get homework done on time and I am never late. Another skill I will work on is professionalism. I will practice this by staying professional in serious situations and at school. I will also work on ability to accept and integrate criticism and feedback. I will practice this by fixing mistakes when they are called out for example feedback from my writing and work at school.

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