Relection on Media Fluency

  1. The underlying message in the video is to show knowledge of plot, character and conflict. In this part the underlying message is that the racism in the school is ending and the students are looking at Arnold as more of a smart athletic boy and not just a poor boy from the reservation.
  2. The emotion that is meant to be caused is for Arnold to feel accepted and for the teacher to realize what she did wrong and she shouldn’t have made any comments. The action is that people were going to be more accepting towards Arnold and stand up for his more. The outcome that this message was supposed to cause was that Arnold realized that more people were accepting of his and some will always stay racist and discriminating.
  3. The bias and opinion of the message is that people look at Arnold differently because they already know where he comes from and that he’s an Indian boy from the reservation. The students and teachers at Reardan automatically think of him as less because of his race.
  4. The video is effective for giving a visual representation of what happened in the video. It also is more descriptive, and you can see all the kids walking out.
  5. The video is ineffective for showing really what the characters look like since almost all the actors are girls for boy characters.
  6. This project should only be a video form because it is a visual of the book, and you could also put it on YouTube so anyone can see it easily.



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