My Employability Skills-A Reflection

1. Review the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities. a)Teamwork & Working in Diverse Environments: In the advisory class, my classmates and I had to partake in an activity called “The Human Knot”. In such activity, each person needed to hold hands with someone […]

DL 10 final project

Something that I am indeed proud of from this school year is my improvement in essay writing. A big amount of credit does go to my English teacher Ms. Turpin who helped me develop better English skills this semester. To be specific, I used to have a tendency of using big words but always going […]

Media Fluency Project English 9

Media Fluency Questions: a)What is the underlying message in the video? The underlying message in this video is that there is racial discrimination towards an Aboriginal boy in the educational system. b)What emotion/action/outcome was this message meant to cause? This message means to cause an outcome towards understanding racism and its impact on those who […]

Circuit House Project-3

House Tour:IMG_4735.TRIM In conclusion, I believe that my group and I have worked very hard on this project and that it was very interesting to build the circuits. My least favourite part about building each circuit was attaching the wires together since it was tricky and were easy to break. My favourite part of the […]

Science House project-2

On May 2nd, 2018, my group and I decided to get our materials for the physical house and circuits we’re going to make. We first got a hold of Christmas lights. Unfortunately, not all the lights in Ms. Galuska’s box were functioning well–therefore we needed to test a few and use those that functioned well. […]

Science house circuit project

Day 1 On May 1st, 2019, My group and I started officially working on the Science project. We’ve decided that we’re going to do 1 circuit for each room. There are 4 rooms which are: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Living room. The Kitchen is going to be the brightest room in the house because there […]

About Moi

Howdy to all of the internet. My name is Marina not Meme, in fact it’s pronounced as Mimi so don’t you even think about it! A fun fact about moi is that I don’t like to waste any “thyme”, my favorite colour is blue and my favorite cheese is brie because it’s very “gouda”. I […]