Media Fluency Project English 9

Media Fluency Questions:

a)What is the underlying message in the video?
The underlying message in this video is that there is racial discrimination towards an Aboriginal boy in the educational system.

b)What emotion/action/outcome was this message meant to cause?
This message means to cause an outcome towards understanding racism and its impact on those who are harmed by it.

c)Where is the opinion or bias in this message, if any?
The opinion in this message is that most teachers on a reservation aren’t professionals and that all are discriminative against first nations.
*Note: Before you get me wrong, I just want to clarify that not all teachers on a reservation have those qualities. In this video, it seems like maybe all teachers on a reservation behave and teach with racism, lack of knowledge and discrimination.

d)What about the video is effective for its purpose?
The part about the video that is effective for its purpose is the fluidity of each character’s dialogue. Because of that fluidity, the message is more visible to the viewer.

e)What about the video is ineffective for its purpose?
This video didn’t show big emotions such as a character’s face actually becoming red or someone crying because not everyone in the video is a great actor. Therefore, because of the minimal amount of big emotions, some might not take the situation seriously.

f)Is there any other technological platform that would be effective for this project?
For this project, it’d be reasonable to use Youtube or other public media because it could raise a lot of awareness and thinking. However, that is only if everyone present in the video is comfortable with being shown publically.

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