Science house circuit project

Day 1

On May 1st, 2019, My group and I started officially working on the Science project. We’ve decided that we’re going to do 1 circuit for each room. There are 4 rooms which are: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Living room. The Kitchen is going to be the brightest room in the house because there are many safety hazards that take place in the kitchen. These safety hazards could be heat and sharp cutlery. Therefore, with the brightest light in the kitchen, it will be better to observe and participate in kitchen activities such as cooking or baking. We will be making a parallel circuit with 4 lightbulbs since a parallel circuit makes the brightness of the light bulbs brighter. The kitchen includes 2 doors and one window.

My group has decided that the second brightest circuit will be in the bathroom since it may help with grooming purposes and it may prevent falls from the slippery bathroom/bathtub floor. For the bathroom, our circuit will be a parallel circuit too with 3 lightbulbs and a battery–making it bright but not as bright as the kitchen, using fewer materials! The bathroom includes no windows and two doors. There are no windows in the bathroom for privacy reasons–making the bathroom a room that needs a lot of brightness.

For the 3rd brightest room, my group and I decided that it will be the living room. The reason would be that a living room is mainly used for socialization and its best to see someone clearly while socializing. A living room doesn’t have frequent safety hazards which makes it good for the 3rd brightest room. The living room’s circuit is also a parallel circuit with 2 lightbulbs and a battery–making it bright but not as bright as the bathroom. The living room includes 2 doors and one window.

Last but not least, our group decided that our darkest room will be the bedroom because one of the main purposes of a bedroom is for sleep. When one sleeps, one doesn’t need much light which makes the bedroom a good room to be the darkest room in our house. For the bedroom, our circuit will be a series circuit because it doesn’t produce as much brightness as a parallel circuit. The series circuit will include with 2 lightbulbs and a battery. With our time, we made the 4 circuits on PhET too. The bedroom includes one window and 2 doors



Living room:


Drawing plan:

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