What i think this will look like in the future if this happens is if people are caught killing or abusing animals they need to get reported to authorities and they will be arrested and it could be sent in anyway. For example you can record it on your phone and show it to the police or you can even show other people and it could be going on the news. So i think it will look more like this and it will make this country look more better.


I think a couple ways to stop pet killing in Canada is arresting people or putting a newspaper through out the country and let everybody have a say what they think of the problem.

In my opinion putting a newspaper is the best option to stop the problem because the country will have a vote in a way and if more people say that this problem should be stopped it will become illegal to do and then that will stop this major problem for good and if people do it they will get arrested.

or another idea is to report this problem to people or report if animals are being killed with no reason or if they are being abused in a bad way.


I think killing animals for fur should not be allowed unless they needed to survive. I think if animals keep getting killed with reasons that are just for fur or selling it is not right in my opinion

people kill animals for food,clothes and killing animals if they are being a threat to the environment or they can be killed if they have a disease. And i think if animals are constantly being killed they will go extinct or their populations are going to get much smaller and i think killing them if you are needed to survive is the only good reason to kill them

In Canada people are allowed to kill and eat their own pets and i find that disgusting and very wrong and makes the country look bad in a way.

A way we can stop this major problem is by putting a newspaper out and having the country have their saying and letting people think how to stop it. So i think its a problem the the whole country needs to talk about.

True Diary Video Edublog #4

This Friday we worked on scripting. We filmed some of the rising action. and the initiating event. We filmed the part where Arnold asks his parents if he can leave the reservation.

Our next step for Monday is to finish scripting and filming the rising action