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Media Fluency Reflection

a. What is the underlying message in the video?

There will always be someone to hate on you, but if you focus on encouraging comments other than the negative insults, you will improve much more efficiently.

b. What emotion/action/outcome was this message meant to cause?

Sympathy for other human beings. Hopefully cause some people to rethink about their criticism and check if it is actually helpful.

c. Where is the opinion or bias in this message, if any?

I do not believe there is bias in this message, as it is true to everyone. (I know it’s an absolute, but I think it is correct here)

d. What about the medium (in this case video) is effective for its purpose?

A video allows more detail to be shown in all aspects. More content can be sent out because every frame is full of information.

e. What about the medium (in this case video) is ineffective for its purpose?

Because video is related to technology, malfunctions could occur. Sometimes the audio files could corrupt and there would be no sound in the video. The clarity of the video could be fuzzy or blurry if the phone/camera is of low quality.

f. Is there any other medium (technology platform) that would be effective for this project?

I think that a video is the best medium for this project.  It engages the audience the most. If editing is done correctly, a video can project more information than any other medium.