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Career Advisory Student Reflection

Marko Wong 

1.Skills that I currently have: 

Teamwork & Working in Diverse Environments, Interpersonal Communication, Work Ethic, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking, Time Management, and Flexibility and Adaptability. 


In the ball of yarn icebreaker game, communication and memory were the most used skills. We had to convey a fact about ourselves to the whole class, which required Interpersonal Communication skills. Work ethic was also fairly important, as we were given the responsibility to remember the facts of the 2 classmates before us, and failing to pay attention would result in failing our task. Also, there was one instance where someone else said what I was about to say, so I had to quickly think of another fact to say, which used Adaptability skills. 


In the human knot game, our group split up into little sections and everyone worked together to untie our arms. Teamwork was definitely required to complete this activity. Every one of us was responsible for untying our side of the knot, so basic work ethics were necessary. Problem-solving was one of the main skills used in this activity, then interpersonal communication was used to share those thoughts. When our solutions didn’t work, we accepted the ideas of other classmates, then integrated those ideas into our actions.  


2.Skills that I should work on: Professionalism, Enthusiasm & Attitude, and Ability to Accept and Integrate Criticism and Feedback. 


When I’m doing any work at school and home, I always get off track. Sometimes it’s to chat with friends, go on my phone, or watch a funny video, but these sidetracks cause me to take way more time to complete a simple job. To improve this, I can try isolating myself in a room with no distractions, this way there’s nothing else for me to focus on other than my work. This skill is very important for employment because the job will most likely have time limits and efficiency is key to finishing work quickly.  


I have a very neutral attitude, never too positive or negative. This work’s out in most situations, but I believe that when I go to interview for a job, they would rather pick a person with a positive attitude over a boring one. I don’t know how to improve my attitude, but I think that if I find a job that I enjoy doing, I will have a more enthusiastic view of working.