Core Competencies Self-Assessment

We had too many wires and switches in our circuit, so we only stuck the lights into the house.

Finished product:

This project improved my skills for working with other people. Both the communication and critical thinking parts of the core competencies were important for this assignment.

Communication was mostly for the setup for this project. Dividing up the work evenly, actually doing my part, taking on a role as the recorder, and setting up times outside of school to work on the project.

Critical thinking was extremely important for the building of the circuits, as there were quite a few problems that occurred. First, most of the lightbulbs didn’t work, so my partner and I had to think of a way to get all the working ones. Second, our circuits had too many wires, so it didn’t fit into the cardboard box. Sometimes the circuit just wouldn’t function properly, so we would analyze the materials and look for where the problem is.

Ways to further develop these core competencies would be to just use them more often. I think doing more single-person projects that require you to present would help with most of the core competencies.

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