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science blog post 3

As a group we worked on our project and divided bits of work to each other. I think this demonstrates improvement in my communication competency because practicing these types of skills and being generally more knowledgeable on how I should approach a group project like this will be better in the future.

science blog post #2

After my partner and I decided what are device would do. I started on the programming and he tested to see if it was working. I realized while working that certain things would just be simpler and more efficient so we adjusted the device appropriately. This includes adjusting the output sensors so that they made more sense. At one point in the project I asked if it was possible to have a timer setup that was efficient.

Something im proud of

I am very proud of my socials in class composition. I went into it very nervous but once i got into class I was very confident. I surpassed the minimum word count by quite a bit and my ideas were organized. I finished it with 15 minutes of class time left. Im proud because i studied hard and because of that i was able to let my creativity flow without a problem. I had good notes i made and used BonPatron to correct my french grammar. I earned a B on that assignement and im very proud of what i was able to achieve.