Reflection #1

In the past month, I have learned a lot about short story writing. all the methods of writing and the techniques of analyzing. And the devices within short stories. When I was writing my own stories, I used what I learned and used them to strengthen my story. I added a introduction, my conflict, and the rising actions and a climax to all of my stories. I am very interested in cliff hangers so I always ended my stories right after the climax. I think that this makes the reader to think more and interpret more to the story, and you can get all sorts of endings with just imagination. I also wrote a horror story, something I had never done ever in my life before this assignment. I used a lot of words I had never spoken or used in my life, and it was a great experience. It was difficult to make that atmosphere of horror and desperation, but I managed it out, somewhat. I decided to write about the fear that I am most interested in, fear of supernatural and ghosts. It was also the easiest to write about. This past month I had improved a lot in my writing, which is the part in English which I am the most terrible in. My grammar and my knowledge of English words are very limited, and I am very glad to have this month of experience to strengthen and improve my skills. It’s a bit sad that the unit is over.