Blog Post #3 Deliver/Debrief



Because of this project, I learned many things. first of all, I learned what microbits are. All of the programming and creating with the microbit, I’ve never done anything like this. I learned more computing skills like posting more on my edublog. In the future, I will continue to learn how to do computer programming and develop useful skills to help with my future career. I don’t communicate with peers a lot, so this project gave me a lot of opportunities to interact with one another. This is a difficult project, so communication is very required. My partner and I and other groups talked about how are we going to code the microbit and successfully came up with unique plans. I respected other peers and talked through each other on the tasks and jobs we each get. Also, anything I didn’t understand I asked the teacher and other peer tutors for further information. In the future, I will continue to try to interact with different people to finish any other group project waiting ahead of me.

Blog Post #2: Dream/Design

Day 1: Only ideas were generated on this day. My partner and I were thinking of what kind of energy-saving device we should make. For the entire class, we thought of many ideas, but all of them were only for convenience and most of them were very bizarre. For example, buzzer on cars to kick you off and make you ride the bus; when the car gets too hot, mini fan auto turns on and when the temperature cools down, the fan stops. At last, we thought of a dynamic light sensor where when the switch is flipped, the lights auto adjusts itself to the right brightness according to the dimness of the room.

Day 2: This day we tried out our ideas. We started to program our microbit, we tried out many functions on the microbit programming website, and made the first attempt. However, when we connect the microbit, it didn’t work as expected. The LED was flashing and the LED turned off when it was supposed to be on. Apparently, we have messed up the program and turned the whole process upside down. The LED was supposed to be on when the room was dark but instead, it stayed on when the room was bright. Only that process took us the entire block and our first work out was a disaster.

Day 3: Our third day which is the last in-class work block was shortened because of a power-out that morning. we hurried and tried to make out the best plan. At the end of the block, we programmed the microbit so it can turn on and off based on the brightness, but it’s not dynamic, and we couldn’t fix that. We didn’t get the best of what we needed but we tried our best.

English 9 Comic




I tried to make the comic’s plotline to be similar to what happened in the book. For example, Rue helping Katniss, and Cato competing Peeta and Katniss at the end. I tried to make most tributes die in the least slides, so they might have no visual story but surely some fell to the traps and some had a fight and lost. Lava is a great way to make the tributes face not only one and other, but also the natural dangers. Tributes go one after one obstacles, just to make the audience satisfied.

The Great Journey to Lower the Electricity Usage, Blog Post #1


The energy that I want to lower is the electricity used by lights at home. Often when we turn the switch and the light goes on, it stays as one brightness, no matter how dark the room is, which for the most times, is brighter than needed. That wastes a lot of electricity. Of course, there are homes with adjustable lights that you can decide how bright or dim you want your lights to be. For example, I have one just like that, where I can decide how I want the brightness to be. However, I often forget or am just too lazy to spend that time to adjust lights or cannot find the right brightness to make out the best usage of energy without wasting. And now, this problem can be solved with the device I have decided to make, which is auto-adjust lights. With this device, all I have to do is to flip the switch, and based on the darkness of the room, it will auto adjust itself to the right brightness, no more, no less. This device will save a lot of energy and money, there will be no worries about that bill every month going overpriced! Not only it saves money it also helps our mother Earth to face the climate change and energy shortage problem, big win! This type of device has been tested by other scientists and was announced last year as a success, so I think I will make the same or similar functioned device that will just do the right thing.