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Introduction: My name is Lucas Ying, I am currently in Charles Best Secondary, and I am trying my best to learn everything, for example, this blog. I play video games, but I do my homework as priority, most of the time. I do want to pass high school, so I try hard on every course I take. I wasn’t born here, so I am still trying to learn better English and strengthen my English skills.

Quote: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! By: Audrey Hepburn

ExplanationI always thought that impossible has a “I’m possible” in it. Not just in this quote, whenever there’s a videos that contains hard work in it, there will always be comments saying nothing is impossible. I will be keep trying and say to myself: nothing is impossible, whether it’s learning or gaming.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcHJodG5hX8

ExplanationI really like this song, the music really catches me. The voice is also very nice.



Explanation: This picture is from a game I played before. It is about surviving alone in the northern Canada. This game has some beautiful view, and it makes me think a lot every time I play this game because I am alone in the game. Sometimes it makes me feel lonely, and this is the best picture from the game I got.

Hyperlink: Steam

Explanation: I chose this website because I like to play video games, and Steam is a great resource of games, though a bit expensive. Playing video games strengthens me and I will be happier to do my school work.

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Blog Post #3 Deliver/Debrief



Because of this project, I learned many things. first of all, I learned what microbits are. All of the programming and creating with the microbit, I’ve never done anything like this. I learned more computing skills like posting more on my edublog. In the future, I will continue to learn how to do computer programming and develop useful skills to help with my future career. I don’t communicate with peers a lot, so this project gave me a lot of opportunities to interact with one another. This is a difficult project, so communication is very required. My partner and I and other groups talked about how are we going to code the microbit and successfully came up with unique plans. I respected other peers and talked through each other on the tasks and jobs we each get. Also, anything I didn’t understand I asked the teacher and other peer tutors for further information. In the future, I will continue to try to interact with different people to finish any other group project waiting ahead of me.

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