About Me


Lorenzo Leung 


1) My Favorite Quote: 

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

― Winston S. Churchill 

I chose this quote because it means that in order to reach success you need to move on past failure. 


2) My Favorite YouTube Clip: 


My favorite clip on Youtube is of Big Chungus because it’s one of my favorite memes. 


3) A Picture I Like: 

I chose this image because I have always wanted to travel somewhere tropical such as Hawaii.

4) My Favorite Website: 


 I chose youtube as my favorite website because of the variety of videos you could watch. It’s also very useful for figuring something out with a tutorial, or just learning something new.      



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  1. You have done a good job constructing your Post and have integrated media and text quite well. I noticed that you didn’t embed your video to your website. Also you created a post instead of editing your page. Please come to the tech center if you need help moving your post to the About me page.

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