Alphonso Davies is my favourite soccer player. He is 20 years old and plays left-back. He was born on November 2, 2000, in Ghana’s Buduburam¬†refugee camp, which was created for Liberians fleeing civil war like his parents. His family moved to Edmonton when Alphonso was 5. His parents were hard workers, and he was taking care of his younger siblings at the age of 10. Alphonso felt like he belonged on the soccer field. He started playing at Free Footie in Edmonton, a league for elementary schoolers whose families cannot afford recreational sport. He played soccer at St. Nicholas Soccer Academy and for the Edmonton Strikers youth club before enrolling in the residency program of the Vancouver Whitecaps, one of Canada’s top-flight teams, at 14. After convincing his parents to let him leave, he moved to Vancouver. Alphonso Davies made his Major League Soccer debut for the Whitecaps at 15, and in 2017 making him the youngest player to appear for the Canadian men’s team. At 17, he signed with one of the world’s best teams, Bayern Munich. This deal paid the Whitecaps at least $13.5 million in transfer fees, a record-setting deal for an MLS player at the time.¬†Bayern Munich is considered the most powerful soccer team by many people. Bayern Munich is the winner of the 2020 champions league season. Soccer fans have already done the math. Davies will be just 25 years old, in his prime, when the world cup comes here in 2026. Davies is one of the handful of young stars in Canada. He was recently put in the dream team of 2020 by Champions League. He tops out at 36.51km/h making him the fastest player in the Bundesliga.

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