My Employability Skills

My employability skills include teamwork, interpersonal communication and problem-solving. In a workplace, I use teamwork and cooperation when necessary. I can easily negotiate, discuss and compromise with others in a group. While discussing with others, I can easily look for the best possible outcome for everybody, and I can help others even if it might affect me. I am proficient in dividing portions of an assignment to suit everybody’s needs, oftentimes even if it puts more weight on my shoulders, assuming I have the time and capability to do the extra work. Interpersonal communication falls into a similar category as teamwork. You must be able to cooperate with others according to their needs as well as your own. I am very capable of helping others using communication; for example, if somebody needs something explained to them, I usually do a recap of everything necessary, in order, in a very simple way until they understand. Another example of communication is discussing each outcome before acting on them impulsively. An option might make your life easier, but it could negatively affect somebody else. Problem-solving is another one of my strong points. When, or if, a problem comes up, I can carefully and thoughtfully think of a way out of the problem. I find solutions that are not just good at the moment, but solutions that will also have a good result. For example, if I have incomplete homework, I will not just lie about doing it and later have a teacher realize this, because it would have consequences. I will be honest and find a solution to make up for my missing assignment, whether that means redoing it or doing an alternate assignment to make up for the marks I lost. One of my only weak points, at least that are especially weak compared to others, is flexibility and adaptivity. In a new situation or an unexpected scenario, I tend to get overwhelmed often.

Solution Fluency

Part 1: Define/Discover 

  1. I don’t like how…
  • I have a very rigid schedule for homework and school 
  • My computer sometimes randomly shuts itself down 
  • My Wi-Fi goes out at random 
  • Not having enough different shirt, pants, etc for one school week 
  • Not having any source of income 
  • Eating dinner very late 
  • Could I make a new schedule for homework and school to switch it up? Could I find new time during the school day to do some homework? 
  • What could be making it shut down? Is the power switch pressing against my desk? Is it a software issue, maybe with Windows? 
  • Is it my router, or is it my devices? Would this be happening with a different provider? Is it only certain devices of mine? 
  • Could I save up enough money to go out and buy some new sets of clothes? Is there a better way of recycling my clothes throughout the week so I can reuse more? 
  • Could I ask for allowance for the chores I do daily? Could I/should I apply for a job? Am I too young for a real part-time job? Am I too busy? 
  • Could I just ask my parents to start eating much earlier? Could I eat my own dinner every night? Alternate between my own dinner and my parents’ dinner? 

Part 2: Dream/Design 

  1. The best outcomes are…
  • Finding a more efficient way of doing work to save time 
  • Finding out why it happens and preventing it somehow, maybe by buying new parts, maybe doing something to my software 
  • Figuring out if I can do anything to my devices to prevent it somehow 
  • Saving enough money to buy more nice clothes for myself one day 
  • Asking for an allowance and working more/harder for my chores 
  • Asking to start dinner just a half hour earlier so I can digest by the time I sleep 

Part 3: Deliver/Debrief 

  1. Ideally, in a hypothetical scenario, I would do my homework at lunch and if I finish any in-class assignments early, then get home around 4 with little to no homework. I would walk in the door, sit down at my desk, and do 30 minutes of work, then have the rest of my day to relax. Whenever I decide to play on my computer, I get on with some new parts in there that will make my computer run faster, smoother, and not shut itself down and/or lose connection just when it gets fun. I sit down, play with some friends for an hour or 2, do some exercise until a 6:30 or 7:00 dinner time, so I have time to relax and digest afterwards. The next day, I wake up and put on one of my new sets of clothes that I just bought and start walking the dogs in the morning, cutting the grass in the yard and cleaning the house to the best of my abilities for a little bit of allowance every week.
  2. For me, this scenario all felt very possible and easy to manage. It would require a lot of dedication sometimes, but it would help me sort out my day, make some money, and really everything I need within the span of one day. I think if I did all of these exactly how I described them in the scenario, this would be very successful for me. 

English 9

Manhood (Part 1)

"Manhood" part 2

Manhood (Part 3)


a. The underlying message in the comic strip is forgiveness and honesty. Rob’s dad is furious that Rob lied to him, and can’t believe that Rob would betray him, and continue to betray him across a span of almost a couple months. When he figures out that Rob is also lying about his stomach ache, or what his mom thinks is appendicitis, this also portrays Rob as a lier in his dad’s eyes. Later on, however, Rob and his dad make up when Rob makes a humble apology and explains why he would tell that kind of lie, and he is forgiven.

b. The emotion/action/outcome that the message was meant to cause was a happy ending for everyone, a complete win-win situation. This came across when Rob is forgiven and they become much closer again, and as an added bonus, the fact that Rob ended up being a boxer helped get the same emotion across.

c. There isn’t bias or opinion in this alternate ending, it’s a fairly straight forward story of forgiveness with a little twist at the end, with Rob becoming a boxer.

d. The comic strip helps to show emotion between each character and is a useful visualizer compared to regular text. It’s important in something like this because it makes your writing almost have more meaning if you manage to show the emotions in depth.

e. Unfortunately, it is difficult to show those in-depth emotions since the number of moods given for each style of character specifically that they would have to be reused, and it also limited the storytelling to a certain extent, since there were really only basic emotions such as happy, sad and angry.

f. I think a stick pivot animation could be very effective. Although it may prove difficult to show emotions all the time, since you would be limited to blank-faced stick figures, it would feel more real and leave much more room for creativity.

Learning I’m proud of

A project outside of Digital Learning 10 is my science inquiry project. Despite only getting a B on the final portion, or the presentation part of the semester-long assignment, I’m still very proud of my work throughout this project. I always did the most research possible to ensure my statistics and facts were reliable, true and of course relevant. My presentation was full of interesting details, and I could tell people were getting lost in my presentation based around my central question: “What would happen if two black holes collided?” There were tons of visuals that caught the eye in my Prezi presentation that, I believe, set my project aside from the rest. The entire project was also pretty fun, since I’ve always found interest in space, since a very young age, and I got an opportunity to demonstrate this and learn more about one of my favourite topics.




Update: Day 1

Today, we remade our three diagrams. Unfortunately, the screenshots did not save, and we also put more batteries than necessary. We solved the screenshot issue by, instead of using the screenshot feature on the PHeT website, using the screenshot feature on Windows 10 (Windows key + PrtSc). We uploaded the first post on our EduBlogs.