student reflection

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – When our class was tangled together we decided what would be the best way to untangle ourselves as we talked amongst ourselves it got easier to predict where to move next and what to do next.

Teamwork – When we were tangled and all working together it made the whole process a lot easier and if we hadn’t all discussed our next moves it would’ve been very difficult to complete the task and would’ve taken a really long time.

Ability to Accept and Integrate Criticism and Feedback – When we memorized names and one thing they like to do if someone messed up on a name you would accept the feedback and it got easier to remember names after they had been repeated multiple times.

One skill that I would like to improve is putting in more input into discussions in all my classes and my outside life because I think its very important t be confident and feel comfortable round the people you’re around. I would also like to participate more without being asked to a voluntarily contribute to discussions in class.

blog post #1: Design and Rationale

  1. Kitchen

For the kitchen I chose to use a parallel circuit. I used a parallel circuit because the entrance of the room would be a lot lighter. The front of the room has the most space to cover and in the other end of the room the lighting will be equal. I wanted the light to be equal on the other end because it looks more normal.

2. Living room

For the living room I decided to use a complex circuit, the reason there’s two lights in the back is because we wanted light coming from both sides of the corner. I anted the front of the room to be the brightest because it would be easier to see and there’s the most amount of space to fill at the front.


Human invasion

human invasion part 4