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“Happiness is like jam, you cant spread even a little without getting some on yourself.”
I chose this quote because I think it is very important to stay positives and happy no matter what is going on in your life. In order to make other people happy you need to be happy because if you’re sad you don’t send happiness and good vibes. I think you should always make an effort to look for positive things instead of negative. If you can spread happiness and positivity everyone will love you and the world will be a better place.
2. Picture

I chose a picture of a dog smiling because I thought it as really funny and cute and anything that brings joy to your life should be published and looked at on a daily basis to keep you happy. I really like dogs and I have one of my own, his name is Mylo and he’s a Australian labradoodle. He reminds me of this picture because he’s always so energetic and cute. Mylo is the sweetest boy and if I’m having a bad day he will come and be nice.

link for favourite site:

I chose this link because I used to play this games a lot when I was a kid and its a very important part of my life. my favourite game was papas cupcakeria because it was always fun to play in my free time


for my favourite video I chose one of taylor swifts songs because ive listened to her music ever since I was a kid and this was always my favourite song

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student reflection

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – When our class was tangled together we decided what would be the best way to untangle ourselves as we talked amongst ourselves it got easier to predict where to move next and what to do next.

Teamwork – When we were tangled and all working together it made the whole process a lot easier and if we hadn’t all discussed our next moves it would’ve been very difficult to complete the task and would’ve taken a really long time.

Ability to Accept and Integrate Criticism and Feedback – When we memorized names and one thing they like to do if someone messed up on a name you would accept the feedback and it got easier to remember names after they had been repeated multiple times.

One skill that I would like to improve is putting in more input into discussions in all my classes and my outside life because I think its very important t be confident and feel comfortable round the people you’re around. I would also like to participate more without being asked to a voluntarily contribute to discussions in class.

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