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Core Competency: Critical thinking

In my senior year, I learned many things, but the one that stands out to me now is definitely my critical thinking skills. Skills such as analyzing and critiquing were sharpened especially during my English 12 class with Mr. Purdy, in his class I was asked to proof-read and critique my classmates’ works, and they were asked to do the same with mine. I carried out my task with care and efficiency, then proceeded to convey the information to my partner, I improved my critiquing skills by giving him some good ideas on where to fix up his work, and he did the same. Furthermore, during my English 12 course, I was given a dozen and more quotes to question and investigate, which also deepened my critical thinking. The quotes which were supplied were all from famous writers, all professionals at what they did, and I was given the task to question them; to find out why they wrote what they wrote. In the end, I handed in my quote journal consisting of all the quotes Mr. Purdy supplied us with for about a month or two, and I ended up getting a 9/10 on the assignment itself, so I think that speaks for itself when it comes to questioning and investigating topics I’m presented with.


Of course, there have been a lot of other courses that have made me delve deeply into my critical thinking, such as Law studies, but English is the most recent course, and perhaps the one that challenged my critical thinking the most. I also understand that English also includes creative thinking, and although I did write a few short stories, my senior year English class was more so based on critical thinking, rather than creative.

Here’s a picture of the mark for my Quote Journal

Here’s an example of a quote entry:


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