The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Video Scene

By @haileyc2018 (Hailey Chan) and @karenc2018 (me) (Karen Chen)                      Ms Turpin’s Block 5, Grade 9 Class

Hailey + Karen 🙂

May 7, 2019


Group members: Hailey & Karen

Scene: Miss Warren, the counsellor, tells Arnold that his sister, Mary, has passed away. 

Pages: 200-203

We had some trouble with the audio, and the locker scene, but overall, we both remembered our lines, so it was pretty good. The scene was a little chunky, and there were a few technical kinks, but the overall product was decent.


  • H: I need to speak to Arnold now, please 
  • Extra: fine Arnold, please go with Ms. Warren 
  • K: jeez Ms. Warren what’s going on? What’s wrong? 
  • H: Arnold, I’m sorry, but I just got a phone call from your mother. It’s your sister. She’s passed away. 
  • K: What do you mean? 
  • H: Your sister is gone 
  • K: I know she’s gone. She lives in Montana now.  
  • H: No. Your sister, she’s dead. 
  • K: How did she die?  
  • H: Your father is coming to get you. He’ll be here in a few minutes. You can wait in my office.  
  • K: How did she die? 
  • H: Your father is coming to get you. 
  • K: Was she murdered?  
  • H: Your father is coming. 
  • K: Was my sister murdered?  
  • H: Please, you need to talk to your father. 
  • K: Miss Warren, I want to wait outside.  
  • H: But it’s snowing. 
  • K: Well, then it’ll be perfect.   
  • H: No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait in the snow. You’re very vulnerable right now. 
  • K: I’m waiting outside. 
  • H: I’ll wait with you. 
  • K: Kiss my ass.  


  • A: *Arnold picks up book and follows Ms. Warren into hallway* 
  • N: *camera cuts to out in the hall* 
  • H: *looks permanently sad*  
  • H: *hysterical sobbing begins* 
  • H: hugs Arnold tightly  
  • K: *hugs miss warren and gets an erection* 
  • H: Tries to run after arnold, fails, crying, stops, falls, slumps against locker 
  • K: gets jacket out of locker, runs outside, door slams.  

12 thoughts on “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Video Scene”

  1. The audio was okay
    The video was okay
    The editing was okay
    The acting was okay
    The subtitles were funny
    The camera angles were good

  2. the acting and angles were good but i couldn’t really hear what was being said throughout the video

  3. The audio was good, the angle from the locker was very good and it was entertaining. Keep up the good work editing and filming. Some of the audio got messed up at certain points.

  4. i liked that you used a different angle in every scene :)). you could work on speaking louder for us to hear.

  5. Very creative camera angles and I loved the acting! I’d work on improving the sound quality next time.

  6. Very good camera angles I liked the bird’s eye view and great editing. Could improve on sound in some parts. Great video.

  7. I really like all the camera angles, especially the locker shot. It was well edited, and I thought the acting was good. Maybe next time have a bit better audio quality.

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