Final DL Project: Assignment That I’m Proud Of

In my first semester at Charles Best, I created many things. This painting/collage was the thing I am the proudest of. It was quite large, around the size of a small tv. The painting was for French class, where we did an Inquiry project. My project was about the different styles of art and how each artist expresses themselves with their art. I compared five artists, six styles, and my style. The project showed my understanding of how different people express themselves, and different types of art. I used different references online to find and research the different parts of this project. I’m proud of how much time and effort I spent, and how it turned out. I really liked the result, overall, I love painting, and I was very proud of this piece. In the end, my teacher ended up keeping it in her classroom as a decoration, and I appreciate that because it shows that all the time I spent making it was worth it, which makes my heart swell with pride.

Part two: The Sway Presentation

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