House Project Blog Post #2

Day 1: (Wednesday) Today my group has drawn out the circuit diagram on paper and done the Phet diagram online. We have also figured out that we’ll have four rooms; two with parallel, two with series. We drew the floorplan out, and labeled where we’ll be cutting and adding things in the box house.

Day 2: (Thursday) We have stripped all our wires of the lights, and tested all of them with batteries to check if they work. We replaced the broken lights with new ones and repeated the process until we had the right amount of working lights. As well, we figured out the placement of the furniture in the box.

Day 3: (Friday) Today, we learned how to make the switch for our circuits, and we made four switches for our house. As well, we discovered three of our lights had broken and so had a battery, so we replaced them. We got the battery snappers for our circuit and started placing and gluing various items inside the shoebox house.

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  1. Thanks for your post. Great job at documenting your learning! I enjoyed reading about your building process and how you were able to finish your project.

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