All About Me

Hi, I’m Kaitlynn. I love animals, I enjoy music and I like spending time with friends and family. I have multiple pets and I love them all to pieces. I sing, dance and play guitar. I love going to the mall, the movies, having sleepovers and other fun stuff with my friends. I prefer summer over most other seasons because of all the fun activities and thing you can do. I like going to the beach, taking small trips, going camping and so much more. I’m a vegetarian and enjoy trying new foods. I love traveling and going on new adventures.


1) “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” -Nelson Mandela

I chose this quote because it inspires me to push my limit and try new things. Although things may seem challenging and nearly impossible at first, you’ll never know until you try. This quote encourages me to set goals for myself and do things I never would imagine myself doing.



This is a video I like and I chose it because it was the first time I heard the song “Jealous” by Labrinth. The song was very moving and meaningful. I was shocked at how well Josh Daniel performed it. It was a very touching audition and I encourage others to watch it because it has such a beautiful story and a performance that gave me chills.


3)  I chose this picture because it was the first time I ever put effort into drawing an eye. I always considered myself and someone who couldn’t draw so when I finished this drawing, I felt very proud of the result. I spent so much time trying to perfect it, and now it’s the first facial feature drawing I’m very proud of and I wish to improve from here on.





I chose this website as something meaningful to me because it’s an adoption and rescue center. They are a great organization and adopt out animals to good homes. I’ve done some volunteer work for them and I actually adopted two of my dogs from them previously. I support their organisation and all that they do. They save dogs from the streets and poor situation and rehabilitate them so they can find a loving forever home. I truly believe that they are making a difference one dog at a time.