Red Convertible response

In the short story “Red convertible” Lyman, the protagonist, is a caring brother, hard worker but also a free spirit. Lyman and his brother, Henry, had a really good bond before Henry had to go to Vietnam. They had a strong bond because of a red convertible that they had worked on together. They fixed up the car together and went on road trips together. When Henry returns from the war and is showing signs of trauma and carelessness of the car, Lyman messes up the car to make his brother show interest in the car again. This is only some of the evidence that is shown in the short story. Lyman being worried about his brother and wanting his brother to focus on something that they loved shows how much he cares for him. It shows that Lyman doesn’t want his brother to suffer through these experiences and shows that Lyman doesn’t want his brother to go through the trauma by himself. Him ruining the car also shows that hes a “free spirit” because he could cares less about the car. His free spirit or carelessness is shown through how he can easily ruin a car he cared about a lot and put a lot of dedication and time into. He shows his dedication and hard work by making sure his brother is alright even if it means ruining something that is really important to him and his brother.

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