This is what I’m proud of

These electronics projects are what I’m proud of because I’ve always had a interest in electronics and I was really excited when the electronics course became my elective.I had a lost of fun during the course and these are projects I was able to accomplish at the end. Although there were many obstacle to overcome when I was making it, these obstacles are what made me proud of this project. Sometimes the printing of the board wouldn’t work for several tries but having the patience and determination lead me to be successful in the end. If I remember correctly, the strobe light project had me printing 14-15 times which took around 3 classes of time. When my midterms came out, I received a “B” which made me realize that I had to work harder therefore in the second half of the semester, I was able to accomplish all three of these projects I felt was something I was proud of. I was really fascinated by the last project (strobe light) because we only had a week to finish whatever project we were working on so I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it but in the end, I was able to finish even before the deadline. Usually these projects would take me around a week and a half if everything went well but this project didn’t even take a week because of all the hard work and concentration I put into it. My final mark was a “A” in which I’m really proud of.

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