Blog Post #3: Tour of the completed house

Our Full House

This is our completed house after we inserted all the circuits in. This house has a total of 5 rooms if you count the bathroom in the bedroom. We used mostly parallel circuits except for the series circuits that we used in the bathrooms .

This is the 1st bathroom in our house. We made this bathroom a series circuit because my partner and I both felt like we didn’t need the bathroom to be too bright. If you were to add 2 light bulbs in a circuit with only one battery, the light bulbs would give more resistance and will shine dimmer than with only one bulb. The more resistance, the slower the electrons flow so the light will shine dimmer. Although series circuits are not as easy to use as parallel circuits, we think the brightness of the bulb in a series circuit is perfect for what we were hoping for.

This is the kitchen of our house. We used a parallel circuit in this house because the kitchen requires a lot of lighting and if one bulb were to burn out, the second one wouldn’t. It is also one of the brighter rooms in this house because of the safety when your cooking. You need to have a lighting to be able to see what your doing and that will lower the chances of accidents. In parallel circuits, the circuits aren’t additive and have less resistance so the flow of electrons will be much faster. This results in having brighter light bulbs in the circuit because of the higher voltage.

This is the dining/living room in our house. We decided to use a parallel circuits with 3 lights in this room because we wanted this room to be very bright. Since its the center of our house and where most people hang out at home, we wanted the room to have three light bulbs in a parallel circuit. We placed the switch right next to the door  for convenience.

Here is the bedroom of our house. We used a blue light and a white light for this room in a parallel circuit. We also thought this room is an important room and that we should use a parallel circuit. Because there is less resistance and is not additive, the light will light up brighter. We also placed the switch right next to the door which is very convenient because you wouldn’t have to fumble with the switch in the dark. Parallel circuits are also very convenient because if one switch burns out, the other won’t. It would be a great advantage and you can switch the light bulb easily.

Here is the second bathroom that is inside the bedroom of our house. We decided to use a series circuit in this bathroom because this bathroom has a shower. We thought it would be a good idea to make the one bulb brighter. That is why we decided on a series circuit with only one bulb. This circuit will make the light bulb very bright because there is less resistance with only one bulb and the electrons flow faster

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