Blog Post #2: The building process

Day 1: On the first day of our project, we didn’t accomplish much because we found out that all the light bulbs were burnt out. Me and my partner both decided to start testing each bulb out and to collect all our bulbs before we start attaching them into a circuit. We were able to get the box that day and we drew out all the different rooms on the box. We also planned out who will bring all the different materials and the places where we will be inserting the bulb. Although not everything went as planned, my partner and I had fun planning everything out.

Day 2: On day 2, my partner and I were very accomplished. I was able to bring 4 batteries from home so we were able to make all the circuits since we found all the good light bulbs on day 1. We were able to make all the parallel circuits for the bathroom and make two more parallel circuits. We had difficulties making the light bulbs stay in place and the tape didn’t seem to help the pieces to stick on the board. We then developed a strategy to have one person hold the bulb from the other side and the box while the other person would tape it down. It was a good strategy and we used it for everytime we needed to tape a light bulb. We felt very accomplished that day.

Day 3: On day 3, everything kind of just fell apart. I forgot the last battery that we needed at home and some of the light bulb on our house was burning out. We were planning to use some time to decorate on day 3 but because of all the chaos we weren’t able to finish the house in time to decorate. We rushed through everything which wasn’t a good idea because many of the things that used to be correct was starting to fall apart. On day 3, my partner and I realized we might not get the project finished by the end of the block so we tried to work on it at lunch. However, we didn’t have the right materials so it wasn’t very productive. At the end, we were still able to finish the circuits and we were still satisfied with our work.

Think: My partner and I were able to plan out everything on the first day such as the house plan and where to put what circuits in each room. We were able to plan everything within a short amount of time including the plan with who brings what material. We had a few problems along the way but it was still a fun project.

Make: My partner and I made the house with great curiosity and had a lot of fun. There were a few problems that were involved in making the house that is the problem that the light bulbs keep burning out. There was also the problem that the tape wouldn’t stick to the box. All in all, the house was a great success at the end.

Improve: My partner and I had a lot of areas to improve in especially our organisation. Unfortunately, I forgot my battery at home on the last day of our building process which was a big problem. We were able to obtain a 1.5 volt battery but it didn’t work like we wanted it to. We were lucky that one of our classmates finished her house early and lent her battery to us. We also should have read the criteria sheet carefully because we missed the criteria where we should’ve took pictures during the process. I would’ve liked to have more time on the project because I felt like everything was rushed and we didn’t create the best house we could have. However, I still had a lot of fun building the house. I just wanted to create a better and cooler house like everyone else in the other classes.

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