Making my MicroBit better

After my first post, I realized I can always improve and I found out that this contraption needs to be as easy if not easier than taking out a coin, so I thought that I should have an attachable connected to your phone because, people these days carry their phone everywhere and on the case, I can have an attachable that can decide factors for you. This should make my device accesible and extremely simple to use.

MicroBit Design – Create – Tryout – Make It Better cycle

I decided to make a contraption for comfort and convenience. The contraptions layout will have a deciding attribut added in so when you are faced with a decision you just have to pick heads or tails for each option and technically with the click of a button the MicroBit will decide for you. I decided that this contraption may seem simple but unlike other contraptions I will use my creative thinking skills to come up with secure ideas to make sure that this contraption never glitches.