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Hi My name is Josh I am in Grade 9 and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Meaningful Quote

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”                                     -Andy Bernard

This quote means something to me because it came from one of my favorite TV shows and it’s said by the character Andy. The quote explains to enjoy the good moments while they last. It shows that we misjudge good moments from bad and before we know it, it was all good. As a student in high school, I can look back and only remember the good ones and laugh at the bad ones. It’s juds a thing that time flies to fast and that we need to appreciate it more,

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Youtube Clip

 This clip is something I watch frequently rather to release stress or cheer me up. It just always makes me laugh, because every single character n the clip has no idea what to do in this situation. For example, if I feel like there’s nothing to do, I will watch this clip.

Meaningful Image

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This image is an oil painting by Paul Delaroche, who completed in this painting in 1833. For me this painting describes the beheading of Lady Jean Grey. As you see no one in particular is content with this event. Even the executioner has a look of guilt and pain in his eyes. Blindfolded, Lady Jean Grey struggles to find the block where her her head will be chopped off. Lady Jean’s servants are devastated and the man leading Jean’s hand towards the block was one of the lieutenants of the London Tower (The place Lady Jean Grey was executioned) For me this image shows the dark side of something people look at in awe. Jean who only ruled for 9 days had the favor of the people of England. But the shadier spots was that she was put on treason and later executioned. I believe it is truly hard to hide the bad parts and eventually everything is revealed.

My favourite website is Reddit. It’s like a feed of blogs and people share weird and funny stories. I enjoy this website, because everyone’s stories are unique and I find that some of them are downright outrageous.