Lyman Characteristics


In the story, red convertible Lyman Lamartine shows good traits that affect him and his family in a positive way. Lyman is a hard worker, good with money and he owned a cafe while he was in his teens. Lyman worked at many places for his family while henry was gone and he was very humble about making some money.

“I’d bought a color TV set for my mom and the rest of us while Henry was away. Money still came very easy”

This quote shows how Lyman’s hard work is paying off and benefits the family.

 Lyman and Henry bought a red convertible and traveled the continent in the car, but when they got home Henry got drafted for war. He thought of himself as lucky when his brother Henry got picked in the draft and he didn’t. When Henry was gone he made sure the car was in good shape while he was gone. Henry gets back and the war changes him by giving him ptsd. The family don’t know what to do and they just don’t bother Henry as much. Lyman gets an idea to destroy the car and maybe that will trigger Henry to fix it and make him have a purpose again. When on a drive with Henry, he knew about Lyman’s plan and drowns himself in the river and then Lyman drove the car into the river after him. This shows that Lyman is very connected to the car and Henry. Lyman is “loyal” as he never gave up on the car by consistently fixing while Henry was gone and he tried ways for Henry to get back to normal. Lyman is loyal, Humble, hard worker and a problem solver.

Lyman Character Traits

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