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Reflect on your Media Fluency – English 9 Digital Learning 10

a. The main message was that White society treated Indian society bad to the point where the Indian society started turning on each other

b.  The outcome is racism can affect people in bad ways. The emotions that were so supposed to come out is awareness. Trying to get people to be aware of racism could help a bunch.

c. People could get confused by the conflict in this message.

d. The video gives you a visual of what happened, it also shows you the message in many different ways. You could think of any outcome that could happen.

e. The video is ineffective in the ways of everyone will have their own opinion of what happens or the message. Not everyone thinks the same so they could be controversies of the message from the video.

f. No, I think a video is the best way to present. It gives a better visual presentation that we can examine better than looking at a poster.